June Blue Tome Box!

Hello my fellow bookworms!

I am back with another review of something that is not a book. But it is book related so it counts, of course. Today I will be reviewing the June Blue Tome Dangerous Tides box! For those of you who follow my Instagram you know I am currently a Blue Tome rep and completely honored to be! They are super sweet and this first box was amazing so I definitely can’t wait for more!

For anyone who doesn’t know, Blue Tome is a new monthly subscription service for book lovers. Each month they send you a box full of goodies based around a certain theme as well as a newly released YA book! Who doesn’t love monthly bookish goods? Cause I know I do. Each box is around 39$ each month plus shipping, which I know can be outrageous sometimes, but if you use my code ELVENLIB5 you can get 5$ off each month you are subscribed!

Also, if you’re wondering why I am just now reviewing the June box it’s because of the way shipping works. For example, the June box shipped out at the beginning of July, the July box will ship out at the beginning of August, so on and so forth. Hopefully that’s not too confusing. I think it’s a unique way of shipping, but that’s just my personal opinion.

Now on to the actual reviewing, I was not disappointed with this first box. It was packed with amazing bookish goods including an extra gift! Shipping was fast and it didn’t take long to get to me at all, but that probably all depends on where you live. The box itself is gorgeous and that quote, “A universe in every box.” Is just so awesome! The items in the box are amazing quality and the book was gorgeous, carefully wrapped in paper so that you don’t see it right off the bat at the bottom of the box.

Here’s a photo I took of all the items included:


Items in the box include:

  1. Pirate Map by DireAtrium
  2. Captain Barbosa Pop by Funko
  3. Coloring Bookmark from Sarah Tolcser
  4. Glow in the dark dragon bookmark by KawaiiCraftCottage
  5. Song of the Current Candle by CherryPitCrafts
  6. Life’s a Journey Decal by TheCraftyNotebook
  7. Pirate Ship temp tattoo by ABlinkInk
  8. Song of the Current print by SipandRead
  9. Compass Pendant by EpochReads (Gift)
  10. Song of the Current quote bookmark by Oriandle

and lastly there is the book which was Song of the Current by Sarah Tolcser! The cover of this book is absolutely beautiful and I love the glittery title! All in all this box was amazing! The July theme is Dark Menagerie and I am so excited to see what all is in store! Go subscribe for amazing bookish goodies!

My IG: @elvenlibrary

Blue Tome: @blue_tome

Website: http://www.bluetome.com/subscription-box/

Happy Subscribing!


A Court of Wings and Ruin Review

When I first started the ACOTAR series I was going into it already knowing a few things like Rhysand being amazing, Rhysand and Feyre being together eventually, etc etc. I honestly only started it because it was so popular on instagram I wanted to know what all the hype was about. I was confused during the first book, happy and sad during the second, and now here we are to talk about my feelings on ACOWAR. So let’s get into it!

First here are my dislikes about this book:

  1. It was kind of slow for me to read. I enjoyed not speeding through it but it wasn’t as interesting at first until the action started to happen.
  2. Someone was killed off, for good, and I bawled my eyes out when I was reading that part. Some people may not see the death as a big deal but true SJM fans will feel their heart shatter.
  3. Chapter 666.
  4. It ended.

Now for my likes:

  1. We didn’t have to endure too much of Feyre in the spring court although it was quite funny to read about.
  2. Lucien actually defended Feyre unlike in the first two books.
  3. Nesta may have been bitchy but I loved her for the most part in this book. Some of the stuff she did had me laughing so hard, just her attitude was great and honestly she is forever my spirit animal.
  4. The moment Feyre sees Rhysand again. I cried so hard. Their relationship seriously puts all other relationships to shame.
  5. Sex. We all love the sex.
  6. Out of everything, what I loved the most was the fact that we got to know each character more. Even some of the other High Lords which I absolutely loved. But we get more of the Inner Circle and I honestly could not have asked for more.

Just kidding I can ask  for more because honestly I friggin need more! I need more Cassian and Nesta. I need more Lucien. More Amren! More EVERYTHING! I cannot begin to describe how badly I hope and pray to the mother that one of the next books will be about Nessian. I need at least that in my life, Sarah. That’s all I’m asking for.

All in all this book was amazing, but I will always love ACOMAF more out of all three books. There’s just so much of Rhysand in ACOMAF plus that’s the beginning of Feysand and it just all holds a very special place in my heart. By that I mean this series holds my heart in it’s pages! I have made it my goal in life to become friends with any and everyone who shares the same love for this series like I do! I’m also always here to fangirl if anyone wants to.

My IG is: @elvenlibrary

Same for my Twitter! And anyone is welcome to DM me on either. I get on Instagram more than Twitter though to be honest. Me and my friend Taryn also have a Facebook group called “A Court of Feels and Fangirling” you are all welcome to join it!

Now enjoy this gorgeous fanart of Rhysand by Merwild ❤


Happy staring ❤

Pride and Prejudice Review

Hello my fellow book lovers, I am finally finished with Pride and Prejudice and to say I am so glad about that would be an understatement. I originally started this book because I wanted to see what all the hype was about with Mr. Darcy. I’ve seen a good many things on Etsy inspired by him and/or this book so I figured I would give it a read.

To be honest I didn’t like it and it’s probably because I’m not use to the writing style or the type of book it is. It was extremely hard for me to get into while reading it which is why I ended up just listening to the audio book instead which is extremely unlike me. For anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely hare listening to books. I don’t believe you truly capture all the feelings and joy while listening to a book instead of reading it. Holding physical copies in my hands is a must have for me, just not for P&P apparently.

All I really gathered from this book was that all these parents wanted was for their kids to marry a rich man so that in turn they could too be wealthy. That honestly felt like the majority of the book to me.

I also gathered that Elizabeth is a head strong woman who is stubborn when it comes to certain things but I’m glad at least one of the female characters acted as such. Good for you Elizabeth.

Mr. Darcy started off being a complete asshole but of course towards the end he starts to act more like the true gentleman he is behind that mask of his. Him and Elizabeth were honestly the best part of the book. I adored theme both in the end but that doesn’t change the fact that I had the worst time comprehending most of this book.

Luckily I have finished it and crossed it off my to read list finally! I can now say I’ve sort of read Pride and Prejudice. Listened to it mostly.

Sorry for a not so great review. I’m hoping to write my ACOWAR review soon and I will definitely have more to say about that book!

Happy Reading!

Hey Atlas Creative!

Hello all my fellow bookworms! I am back with another shop appreciation post! I know I seem to do more shop posts rather than reviews but it’s because I’ve been slacking on reading (and posting). I will be writing my review on A Court of Wings and Ruin sometime soon! Most likely on one of my days off next week.

Today’s post is about my friend Catherine’s shop Hey Atlas Creative, an amazing place to buy gorgeous journals, waterproof vinyl stickers, and bookmarks! I was recently chosen as her July and August rep, which I am extremely grateful for and excited about! From the beginning I’ve supported Catherine’s shop and I will continue to do so rep position or not. She is such a sweet human and so amazing to talk to, I will post her IG name down at the bottom as well as mine in case you want to find either of us on there!

I literally own almost everything in her shop at the moment. She will be listing 8 new journals soon! Yes, 8! That’s so many journals that I need to buy and then figure out what to do with!

Currently my favorite products of hers are anything that has to do with the Raven Cycle because that’s my all time favorite series and I need anything and everything to do with TRC! Here is a photo from my Instagram that I posted recently of one of her Raven Cycle stickers:


And here’s another photo from my Instagram featuring one of my favorite stickers that isn’t a book quote but I just really enjoy it:


My IG: @elvenlibrary

Catherine’s IG: @treehouseofbooks

Follow her for more awesome posts and amazing shop news or any really great shop sales and deals! July is all about flash sales!! You can also use my code ELVEN10 for 10% off any order you make in her shop!

Here is a link to her shop: http://www.heyatlascreative.com/shop/

Happy reading! (or shopping!)

Everything Everything: Book vs. Film

Spoiler Alert:

Love is worth everything. Everything.

Today I went and saw Everything Everything at the movies finally and I have to say, I am utterly surprised by how much I truly enjoyed it as a film. After reading the book I was skeptical, as any book nerd should be. It’s every readers fear seeing the movie adaptation of a book they read and liked and/or loved. Not to sound crazy or anything but, this movie was so much better than the book. Shocking. I know. It’s such a rare thing to be able to say (or type) those words.

For anyone who doesn’t know this book/movie is about a girl named Maddy who has never left her house because if she does, she could die. She has SCID: Severe Combined Immune Deficiency which means shes practically allergic to everything. Anything can trigger some sort of sickness. One day a new family moves in next door and they have a son who is her age named Olly, Typical boy next door feels. They immediately hit it off and it’s love at first sight. Sounds cheesy I know but I promise both book and movie are definitely worth it.

I read the book in just a few hours because it’s a really quick read and not hard to get into. After finishing it I wished there had been a little more to the ending because the way it left off kinda leaves you feeling bookly unsatisfied. If that makes sense. I wanted more of Olly and Maddy the daringly cute couple! When reading it you get a feel for the characters and the story. You fall in love with Olly alongside Maddy. You feel trapped just like her until she takes her hand and makes that first step outside. It’s crazy how books can make you feel.

Watching the movie I felt all of those things and more because there’s a difference between reading it and imagining whats happening in your mine, and seeing it play out before you on the big screen. They stayed really close to the book with a little taken out as well as a little added but not much and nothing that I couldn’t handle. I loved the uniquness in the way they portrayed their texting conversations. All in all it was just a really cute and amazing movie.

I highly recommend reading the book as well as seeing the movie. Always read the book before watching the film. Believe me it really helps to get a feel for the original written words before seeing it play out on a screen.

Happy reading!

The Girl of Ink and Stars

This was a 100% cover buy because you can’t tell me that this cover isn’t absolutely gorgeous. When I first started this I thought it would be leaning more towards the middle school grade reading level and it still may be considered that but after finishing it then I think it may actually be High School level.

I was not expecting anything that happened in this book it was all such a surprise to me but in a good way. I’m glad I was able to enjoy it when at first I was very unsure. I don’t want to ruin this book for anyone but basically this has a lot of adventuring in it and it’s all very interesting.

Whenever I read a book and they have a main character as well as a slightly main mail character I always route for them to end up together, because I’m weird and love book relationships more than my life. In the case of this book there was Isabella and Pablo who grew up together. They’re so young in these books though so even though part of me wanted them together another part of me was like, “Omg. Stop. They’re like 14.”

I’m weird. Does anyone else do that though? Route for ships in almost every book you read because you crave some sort of book relationship!

Ugh. Well I’m sorry this was so short as well as very overdue.

Love you guys ❤

ACOTAR Discussion!

SPOILER ALERT!! This blog post WILL have SPOILERS in it so if you haven’t read A Court of Thorns and Roses/ A Court of Mist and Fury then DO NOT read it!!

So, when I first read ACOTAR I was so for team Feylin as most people were when they first read it as well. I was so confused on why Feyre was with this guy Tamlin because I went into this series knowing about Rhysand and her. It’s kinda hard not knowing about them because it’s literally all anyone talks about in the bookstagram world. Not that I’m complaining because it’s all I talk about now too. But lets be honest here, I totally ship me with Rhysand now. Doesn’t everyone else?

Am I the only one who fell in love with Rhys at the end of ACOTAR? He screamed Feyres name while he watched every bone in her body be broken, He crawled to her hoping to save her in some way, and he was the only one who tried to step in to kill Amarantha! I mean come on! you can’t not pick him over Tamlin!

After finishing it I was slightly disappointed in a way. Everyone was speaking so highly of this series when honestly I didn’t like the first book that much. When I expressed that thought to multiple friends of mine they all said, “read ACOMAF because its so much better.” So of course I did. I wanted to see all the hype with Rhysand and Feyre. I am so glad I read the second book right away because it truly was so much better than the first and I’ve never enjoyed a sequel more!

ACOMAF really showed Tamlins true colors and in the beginning I just kind of despised him for letting his fear control him so much to the point where he actually locked Feyre in their own house. The bright side to that though was that Rhys came to her rescue and I fangirled so much when she decided to stay in the Night Court instead of going back to the Spring Court! By the end of this book I was so emotionally involved that I literally started crying when everything went wrong. This is when I started to hate Tamlin, when he sided with the king to get Feyre back.

I am excited to see how ACOWAR goes, but I am also terrified because someone is going to die and I don’t want to know who. I feel like it will be someone in the inner circle which I definitely don’t want! Just take Ianthe and Tamlin! I’m also worried that it won’t end the way I’m hoping. I just need Feyre and Rhys to have a happy ending, that’s all I’m asking for!

One of the discussion questions is going to be about which court you are in! I am in the Dawn Court. I will link the court quiz here so that if you haven’t discovered your court yet then you can!

Court Quiz: http://www.playbuzz.com/bloomsbury13/which-court-would-you-belong-to

Now here’s where the discussion part comes in:

I’d love to know your answers to these questions so that we can all talk about them in the comments!

  1. What were you thinking while reading ACOTAR
  2. Did ACOMAF change your opinion on Tamlin and Rhys? How?
  3. Who do you think Queen Maas will kill off in ACOWAR?
  4. Which Court are you from?
  5. Who would you want to be your mate?
  6. and lastly do you think Rhysand and Feyre will have a happy ending?