Loved by Kristin and PC Cast

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Finally back with another review and today I am going to be reviewing Loved: A House Of Night Other World novel by Kristin and PC Cast. Those of you who have read and loved the original series from the very beginning, know exactly how exciting it was to actually get a continuation series! There will be spoilers in this review, well, I consider them to be spoilers when it may in fact be stuff some of you already knew.

First, lets talk about the original series that we all fell in love with. I first started the House of Night books in 8th grade (middle school) and from the moment I started the first book I was instantly hooked. This was back when the only thing I would read was Vampyre books. Anyways, as I burned through book after book I was becoming more and more involved with the characters, I wasn’t just reading about a group of teen vampyres battling an evil High Priestess, I wasn’t just looking at words on a page, I was putting myself in the nerd herd and battling along side them. Isn’t that what reading is all about to begin with? Escaping reality and becoming apart of the story yourself.

Now, onto Loved 🙂 I can’t express how much I adored the start to this new adventure. Getting to read about these characters again was amazing and it truly felt like some sort of reunion! I hadn’t realized just how much I missed these characters until that moment when everyone comes back to the House of Night for a meeting about what all might be happening. They were all coming together again and I honestly started to cry, it was a beautiful moment.

As the story progressed and you found out exactly what was happening and where the story was leading your mind just kind of explodes. It is truly not what I was expecting but I’m definitely interested to see how this progresses and what happens in the next book which is to be released in 2018!

The second book in the series titled Lost definitely seems like it will frustrate me just by reading the synopsis. BUT, that doesn’t make me any less excited for it. I would like to say a big thank you to Kristin and PC Cast for continuing with the House of Night and bringing these characters back to us! The House of Night is the reason I started reading so much.

Here’s a photo I took for my Bookstagram account fro Loved.


Love, Kat

Happy reading! ❤


The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

Woah! Long time no see you guys, I know I haven’t posted a blog post in literally forever but I am back and have 2 reviews for you. YAY! I recently read The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson and even though it took me forever to get into it I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. Once it gets to a certain point you just can’t put it down after that.

This book is about a girl named Andie who has everything planned out for her summer. She has a very important pre-med internship that is going to fill up her summer and kick start her career. Or maybe not. When a scandal involving her politician father erupts, dragging his career to the toilet it kind of dragged her internship along with it.

Now with no plans for the summer Andie has to find something to do to keep her busy and out of the house away from her father. Does dog walker look good on a college resume?

On Andies dog walking adventure she meets Clark and he changes her life more than she even realizes herself. Her one to two week relationships are definitely no more!

This book made me laugh, cry, shout at the pages in frustration and all of the emotions above! Once Clark came into the picture the book actually got better and better with each chapter. If you love cute contemporaries then I highly recommend this book as well as Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson! Her books capture the definition of typical realistic yet drool worthy relationships.

Sorry if the review wasn’t that great but I’m kind of half asleep right now. I’m hoping to get better at this as I go along. I also can’t type that well with fake nails on so that’s definitely not helping.

Happy reading!


Enchanted Forest Unboxing!

I apologize for doing so many unboxing posts in one day but I am just trying to get them out of the way so that I don’t prolong them anymore like I have been doing.

This unboxing is not book related but it was such an amazing box and I want to spread the word about this subscription! This is my review of the September Enchanted Forest Goddess Provisions box! This was my very first box form GP and I know for a fact it definitely won’t be my last because this box was simply amazing. I loved absolutely everything this box had inside of it!

Here is a full unboxing:

FullSizeRender (2)

Items included in this box are:

  1. Crescent Moon wall hanging from @wanderluxejewlery
  2. Wood Keychain from @lasertrees
  3. Organic Cedar Eucalyptus Body Polish from @trilliumog
  4. Blue Sage Smudge bundle
  5. Good Vibes pin from @briannemckay
  6. Eucalyptus Essential Oil from @plantlifeinc
  7. Incense Cones from @elementbotanicals
  8. Moss Agate stone

This box was packed with amazing goodies to help cleanse the body, mind, and soul! For such a small box you wouldn’t expect to get this much inside but you do and it’s just so amazing! I swear checking my mail box and seeing this inside was the highlight of my day. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future and I have been thinking abut subscribing once money is good.

Your inner Goddess would truly grovel at this boxes feet.

Blessed Be.

-Kat ❤

August Owlcrate Unboxing!

Hello my lovely bookies! This is my review of the August Something Wicked This Way Comes box from one of my favorite bookish subscription boxes ever! So, if you haven’t received your box yet don’t read this review because it will have all the spoilers in it! My unboxing reviews tend to be fairly short so let’s jump into this!

Here is a photo of the box and what was inside:


This box did indeed have two books in it this month which was just amazing to me.

What’s inside the box:

  1. The Hearts We Sold by Emily Lloyd (Along with a letter and signed bookplate)
  2. Sleepy Hollow from @rockpaperbooks
  3. Double sided Six of Crows bookmark from @treehouseofbooks
  4. Edgar Allen Poe socks from @outofprint
  5. Dark Arts Coffee from @happenstancecoffee
  6. Fountain Pen from @weareooley
  7. This Savage Song sticker from @eviebookish

This box was simply amazing and I am so glad I got picked as an August rep. Getting the opportunity to rep for Owlcrate, even if it was just for one month, was just amazing and I hope to get the opportunity once again sometime in the future. The people behind Owlcrate are so sweet and just super amazing and clearly genius masterminds!

My rep code is still active until the end of September so that means you can all use it! The September Mythical Creatures box has officially sold out but they announced the theme for the October box which happens to be, Find Me in the Forest! This box is perfect for fans of Harry Potter, Robin Hood, The Raven Cycle, Princess Mononoke, Where the Wild things are and more!

You can use my code ELVEN to receive 15% off your first subscription or when you purchase a gift order. My code also works for Owlcratejr!

Happy subscribing!

-Kat ❤

Deadly Gleaming Unboxing!

Here is another Blue Tome unboxing so beware of SPOILERS! Because spoilers are forever evil! This review is for the Deadly Gleaming August box and I have to say that I am extremely happy with the book pick for this box. I’ve seen it around in other boxes and the cover is just absolutely gorgeous!

Here is a photo of my unboxing:


Here is what is inside the box:

  1. Wicked Like a Wildfire by Lana Popovic
  2. Read More pin from @fableandblack
  3. Journal, companion pen, and companion bookmark from @peter_pauper_press
  4. “You won’t be alone” quote print and bookmark from @stellabookishart

Blue Tome never seems to disappoint me and to be honest it’s very rare that you get a box full of items you adore! The theme of the September box is A Canvas of the Soul and it is perfect for fans of Six of Crows, ToG, and definitely ACOTAR! I am so excited for this box, sadly it’s my last box from them as a rep, but I am so glad that it sounds like it’ll be the best box yet!

If you aren’t subscribed to Blue Tome I highly recommend it because their boxes are truly amazing! You can use my code ELVENLIB5 for 5$ off each month that you are subscribed! Even if you don’t want to stay subscribed I highly recommend this months box!

Make sure you follow my bookstagram for all my book photos and unboxings- @elvenlibrary

Happy reading!

-Kat ❤

Wonder Woman Crate!

Last month I also got a box from My Guilty Pleasures Book Crate and the theme was Wonder Woman! For all you Wonder Woman fans out there I’m sure you did, or, would have loved this box! This was my first time trying out this bookish box and I just have to say that I will definitely be doing it again because I absolutely loved the things that I got!

Here is a photo of my unboxing:


The contents inside the box are:

  1. The Valiant by Lesley Livingston
  2. Wonder Woman Funko
  3. “I am Wonder Woman” bookmark by @lexyolivia (Exclusive)
  4. Themyscira candle by @wickandfable (Exclusive)
  5. Full body Wonder Woman art print by ChooseAndEnjoy
  6. Watercolor art print (front) by Aurora Wienhold
  7. Valiant nail art and bookmark
  8. We are okay bookmark

I am always so excited when book boxes have things such as funkos inside of their boxes because its always so amazing to find when you open them! I am also really in love with Themyscira candle! It smells absolutely amazing plus it’s my very first Wonder Woman candle! LexyOlivia always makes such gorgeous bookmarks and I’ve gotten quite a few from book boxes.

This box did not disappoint me at all and I will be buying more in the future! I wish I could afford a subscription to all these book boxes but sadly I cannot 😦

July Blue Tome Unboxing!

Hello everyone! I am back with another unboxing review for Blue Tome! I wrote one last month for the June box and will continue to write them until I’m no longer getting the boxes. These boxes have yet to disappoint me and I honestly doubt they will at all because they’re just so well curated and always turn out amazing!

Now lets get into the contents of the box:


This is the July Dark Menagerie box! and here is what was inside:

  1. Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody
  2. Bookmark for DOTBC designed by @stellabookishart
  3. Harley Quinn funko keychain
  4. Book Sleeve made by @bookimabob
  5. The Wandering City 2oz candle made by @lemoncakescandleco
  6. DOTBC 4oz candle made by @cherrypitcrafts
  7. Lip balm from @bookishbalms
  8. The Night Circus print by @stellabookishart
  9. Cute thank you card as well as a letter from the author

This was once again another amazing box and everything inside was awesome! This was the first box I ever got that contained a book sleeve as well as TWO bookish candles! I am a major fan of bookish candles so getting them in my book boxes always makes me really excited and happy.

I highly recommend trying this book box out because you truly won’t be disappointed. This months box theme is Deadly Gleaming so if you haven’t subscribed yet definitely go give it a try! Some of the vendor reveals for this months box are StellaBookish, FableandBlack, as well as Peter Pauper Press!

Use my code ELVENLIB5 for 5$ off each month you are subscribed to @blue_tome ❤